School finishing

It’s only today and half of tomorrow I have left of primary school. It’s really sad but I am really looking forward to college. Tomorrow we have a mufti day and a day that ends at about 12 in the afternoon.  I have been at the same school since I was five and I have really enjoyed it. I remember when I was having my school visits I did not want my Mum to leave me, so on the first day of school I was crying my eyes out. But in the end I really enjoyed starting school.

Tonight we are having a farewell assembly. It is when you get a candle and a certificate for leaving school. Also last night all the year 8 students went to the fishermen’s table for dinner. It was really nice. Mr Elms gave us a pen theta has our school name written on it. After school Tash and I went to my house and we got ready together. We did hair and makeup. Well my Mum did my hair because I had it curled and when I did it it didn’t work, so my Mum had to do it. I must admit thought it had a lot of hair spray in it, I din’t care thought as long as it stayed in place which it did. I had some great photos on my ipod of my friends and I with the beach and Kapiti island in the background, it was really beautiful because we had the sunset as (84)

I have had a amazing time at this school and it will be sad to leave but I am really excited for college.

Ilysm you guys you are amazing and I hope we say best friends through college

Christmas just around the corner

Are you exciter for Santa and food and spending time with your family? I know I am. It is coming to that time of year when Santa comes down your chimney and when you get full of  food. Yes it is CHRISTMAS !!!!!!

At home we all ways put our Christmas tree up on the first of December so it is standing proud in our lounge at the moment. On Christmas eve last year my brother said to me can  I come into your room at about 7.00am. I said yes . Guess what time he can in and started to shake my bed 5.00am in the morning. I woke up and my brother said Merry Christmas and then I was like what are you doing I said 7.00am not 5.00am. He said ok then he started talking about what was under the tree. He talked about that for about 15 minuets. He then walked out and went back into the lounge and watched TV. 7.00am came and we both went into the lounge. Also we get advent calenders each year. This year my one is tinker bell. And last year my one was Barbie.

What are you doing this Christmas and do you have a Christmas memory?


About me :)

My name is Caitlin I was born on the 23rd of January 2001, so I am 12 years old almost 13. I was born at lower Hutt hospital at 4.58 in the afternoon. I have a younger brother named Josh he is 10, I also have a Mum and Dad 🙂 I have also two cats named max and lily, and I also have a dog named Lexi, she is a border collie. I have a post about them all here My favorite colors are  blue and purple. My friends call me puss. My dad came up with that name, don’t ask me how he did. My best friends are Natasha, Charlotte, Petra and Sahara, I love them so much and I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of  friends.  I have also don’t quite a bit of traveling. I have been to Australia and around New Zealand and also the most amazing place on earth DISNEYLAND!!!!! Yes I have been to Disneyland, it was the best days of my life. I meet all the charters and had photos with them it was amazing. We also did lots of really cool rides, my favorite was the splash mountain, it was one were you got wet going down a big drop.  We also went down to San Diego. It is where sea world and the zoo and things are.

The sport I play is netball. And don’t judge me but I like of want to do cheer leading. I probably want to it but its cool to have a dream. My favorite food is cotton candy, and my favorite drink is coke ( who doesn’t like coke ? )  I like to write on my blog about things that are happening in my life. I also like to read. I am reading a great series of books at the moment, they are the series of unfortunate events. Some people find me funny and some people find me annoying like my brother. if you have a brother you know how annoying they are.  I love to draw and play on the Xbox. And no it is not one that you sit down all day and play games, it is one where you control you charter and play things.

Next year I am going to collage and I am really excited but nervous at the same time. I am really not that scared because most of my friends are going there so it wont be so bad.   That’s all about me comment if we like the same things !!!!

Happy blogging, Caitlin 🙂


I have some amazing friends, they are…… Natasha, Petra, Charlotte, Sahara and Simone. Friends are people who are there for you all the time, like if you are going through a bad time they will be there for you. My friends and I have been together since we were little girls at school. We are all going to the same collage and I hope we will continue to be friends until we are old ladies with walking sticks 🙂  I couldn’t ask for better friends, I love you guys to the moon and back. <3

Collage :)

As you might know I am going to collage next year and I am so excited but nervous at the same time. My parents decided that I am going to Kapiti collage because they thought it had a better  education for me. Most of my friends are going there which is good. When we went to see the collage my mum and dad had to come too because it was the day before we went to L.A  so they couldn’t come to the parents day. We had a orientation day were we got to see what subjects we could take. The subjects I am talking are……

1. Fashion design

2. Business studies

3. Japaneses 🙂

4. Cooking ( foods)

5. philosophy and core music

Then  I will be taking all the compulsory  subjects which are maths, English and things like that. What collage are you going too and what subjects are you taking ?